My team consists of an experienced automotive machinist with years of experience rebuilding automotive, heavy truck, & motorcycle engines and transmissions. We decided there was a better method of bearing maintenance and surely a better system than the standard clumsy pullers on the market. So we designed and engineered the Smart-Collet bearing pullers to be simple, effective, and the absolute best pullers on the market!

Why Choose smart-collet

 We design and test our products to deliver the best performance in the industry.

Designed for ease of use, no clumsy bearing separators & T-bars.

The most precise pullers available, eliminates undue friction by pulling straight every time.

Less force on the bearing and mounting surface.

Our Pullers Are Covered Under Existing & Pending U.S. Patents

Our Team

See for yourself the unparalleled performance of the Smart-Collet Pullers

Standard size collets & Special application collets available.